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An awesome all around bucktail which can be used for most angling conditions. Tied Full with the best Northern Deer tail we can get. Flared collars for a fuller bucktail. Stay's up in the water column.
Available in many sizes and colors, with two different hook styles, a durable powder coat finish and hand Painted eye's.
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Ball Head Bucktails - Heavy Duty Mustad Hooks

Part # Size Hook Type SELECT COLOR Price Cart
BLHM38 3/8 1/0 H.D Mustad $2.87
BLHM12 1/2 2/0 H.D Mustad $2.95
BLHM58 5/8 3/0 H.D Mustad $3.07
BLHM34 3/4 4/0 H.D Mustad $3.30
BLHM1 1 5/0 H.D Mustad $3.65
BLHM112 1-1/2 6/0 H.D Mustad $4.22
BLHM2 2 6/0 H.D Mustad $5.02
BLHM3 3 7/0 H.D Mustad $5.40
BLHM4 4 8/0 H.D Mustad $5.77
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Ball Head Bucktails - Gamakatsu 2x Black Nickel Hooks.
Part # Weight Hook Type Color Drop Down - Ref Price Purchase
BLHG18 3/8 4/0 2x Gami $2.98
BLHG12 1/2 5/0 2x Gami $3.35
BLHG58 5/8 5/0 2x Gami $3.48
BLHG34 3/4 6/0 2x Gami $3.70
BLHG1 1 7/0 2x Gami $4.05
BLHG112 1-1/2 7/0 2x Gami $4.63
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Ball Head BUCKTAILS - With H.D Stout and Sturdy, Mustad 2x Ultra Point Hooks. "NEW"


Opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, forged,
2 extra strong, black nickel This stout, sturdy hook is an excellent choice when
fishing small jigs and swim baits for larger fish. One of the most
versatile jig hooks, it is ideal for Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, Walleye
and in-shore species such as spotted bass, Specks and Sea Trout.
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Part # Weight Hook Type Color Drop Down - Ref Price Purchase
BLHUP38 3/8 4/0 Ultra Point $3.10
BLHUP12 1/2 5/0 Ultra Point $3.18
BLHUP58 5/8 5/0 Ultra Point $3.30
BLHUP34 3/4 6/0 Ultra Point $3.53
BLHUP1 1 6/0 Ultra Point $3.88
BLHUP112 1-1/2 6/0 Ultra Point $3.98
Striped Bass Attack
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