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The Parrakeet'z® Bucktails - Fly-Like Action
Our Fly- Like "Parrakeet'z" Bucktails - Information and Use

The Tidaltails® Parrakeet'z Bucktails are our High End weighted "Fly-like Bucktail". Made with nothing but the finest materials and craftsmanship. The head is powder cost finished for durability with hand painted eye's, and sports a Gamakatsu heavy duty hook. You do not need any trailer at all. Use the Parrakeet'z Bucktails as is right out of its package. Their is no trailer needed, its is perfect the way it is.

We do not recommend using them as an everyday bucktail. Although you can if you want, but again, not necessary. We do however use them allot when skinny water fishing or pitching up into the shoreline.

They are built by our Pro staff and require allot of attention when being built. They cost a little more because of the time and materials used in manufacturing them, and not to mention they are made right here in the states by our Pro staff. Worth every penny! but then again, the proof is in the results and if used properly and taken care of, they last along time.

So when does the Parrakeet'z Bucktails come into play? Well, lets put it this way. Normally when the fish are up and or blitzing, your everyday bucktails work just fine. All you really need is a good bucktail with a trailer and or teaser, and you are into fish. But! When the fish are fat and happy and your everyday go to bucktails and lures are not cutting it. That's when we go to the Parrakeet'z. The fly-like action of the Parrakeet'z Bucktails really gets them going again. One of our pro anglers suggested that the fish think it's a dessert and they slam it.

Fly Fisherman: We also love throwing a fly rod when the Stripers, Weakfish, Bonito and Albacore are present. It is truly a blast. But then you are going to have those days when the wind, and overall weather conditions make it difficult to throw a fly rod. It is then that you wind up with the fly in the back of your hat or butt and you just can't reach the fish. You also know that flys are out doing conventional lures. This is when we go to our Fly-Like Parrakeet'z Bucktails. The Parrakeet'z are basically a weighted fly. Made up of our Tapered head with fly like patterns tied to them. Coupled with light tackle, and you are back in the game.

Equipment: We use a variety of light tackle, but our rod and reel of choice is a Quantum Cabo Inshore light medium 7 ft rod with a Quantum Cabo PTs 40 reel. This is one awesome combination, and a heck of allot of fun. When in the surf we go with 9 to 10 foot lamiglass graphite rods.
Line and Leader : We use 20 Sufix Braid with 3 ft of 20/25 lb 100% fluorocarbon leader tied directly to the Sufix Braid. We finish it by tying on the Parrakeet'z® with a Homer Rhodes loop knot. We do not use any terminal tackle. Tied directly the loop knot aides in the overall action of the Parrakeet'z® Bucktail.

Helpful Hint. Remember! The Parrakeet'z Bucktail is somewhat like a fly. If you are using the Parrakeet'z for the first time try tossing in the water close to the boat or shore and reel it in, let it drop, move it around, watch the action. Especially the way it works off the bottom. It looks realistic and the fish can not resist it. The lighter Parrakeet'z work really nice when pitching up into the shoreline. Once you get used to the action of the Parrakeet'z its all fun from that point.
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