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................................Fluke Stinger'z

Fluke jigsFluke Stinger'z™ Single Hook

Built for Fluke. Ideal for strip baits, such as bunker, whole squid, spearing and Killies. Low thin profile allows the Stinger
toget down fast with less hang up.

° We only use 100% Virgin Lead - True to Weight.
° HIgh Quality Northern Deertails
° Strong Heavy Wire Gamakatsu Black Nickel Hooks
° Powder coat Finished with Eye's.
° Made in the USA

Fluke Stinger'z™ Single Hook - Our Favorite.
Part # Weight Hooks Color Menu Price Cart
FS1-38 3/8 Single $3.60
FS1-12 1/2 Single $3.75
FS1-58 5/8 Single $3.99
FS1-34 3/4 Single $4.20
FS1-1 1 Single $4.50
FS1-112 1-1/2 Single $4.90
FS1-2 2 Single $5.60
FS1-3 3 Single $5.95
FS1-4 4 Single $6.30
Fluke Stinger'z™ Tandem Hooks

Fluke jigsFluke Stinger'z™ 2 Hook with Nickel Stinger Hook


Our Classic Two Hook Tidaltails FlukeStinger'z™
Built for Fluke. Ideal for strip baits, such as bunker, whole squid, spearing and Killies. Heavy wire Black Nickel Main Hook and a replaceable Rubber Coated Eye Lazer Sharp Nickel Stinger Hook.

° We use Saltwater Northern Deer Tails
° Strong Heavy Wire Nickel Hooks
° Powder coat Finished with Eye's.

Fluke Stinger™ - 2 Hook Stinger'z Gamakatsu Hooks with Lazer Sharp Stinger Hook.
Part # Weight Hooks Select Color Price ADD
FS2-38 3/8 Double $3.60
FS2-12 1/2 Double $3.75
FS2-58 5/8 Double $3.99
FS2-34 3/4 Double $4.20
FS2-1 1 Double $4.50
FS2-112 1-1/2 Double $4.90
FS2-2 2 Double $5.60
FS2-3 3 Double $5.95
FS2-4 4 Double $6.30
Single Hook (Terminator Style) Stinger'z™

Fluke jigsFluke Stinger'z™ Single Hook Holographic Teaser.


Single Hook Stinger ( Terminator Style) with Holographic Piping and crystal flash. This is a deadly Stinger that fluke just can't resist. Works great for spearing and strip baits. Heavy Wire Black Nickel Hook with a slightly long shank. Made with Genuine Northern Deer Tail. Powder Coat Finished, and extremely durable ! Sizes 1/4 to 4 (Larger Sizes coming Soon.) Lots of colors to choose from.


Fluke Stinger'z™ Single Heavy Wire Black Nickel Hook with Holographic Piping Tube Teaser.
Part # Weight Hooks SELECT COLOR Price Buy
FS1-38T 3/8 3/0 $3.90
FS1-12T 1/2 4/0 $4.05
FS1-58T 5/8 5/0 $4.29
FS1-34T 3/4 5/0 $4.50
FS1-1T 1 6/0 $4.80
FS1-112T 1-1/2 6/0 $5.20
FS1-2T 2 7/0 $5.90
FS1-3T 3 7/0 $6.25
FS1-4T 4 8/0 $6.60
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