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Banana Head Jigs - Modified for Blackfish/Porgy


Bananahead Jigs for Blackfish

Banana Head Jigs
Alternative Blackfish/Sea Bass/Porgy Jigs
Molded around 2X H.D Black Nickel Chrome Hooks

These were our go to jigs prior to introducing our Craggy flat and banana blackfish jig'z. Good for fishing jetty's breakwaters, pilings and pitching into skinny water or straight drops off a boat or kayak. Snag resistant jig. This jig is great for hair jigs, bucktails and has become a popular for blackfish and seabass.

° Available in Standard - 10 - and 25 Packs
° Cast with No Finish.
° Powdercoat Finished. Lots of Colors
° Buy them Bare - Paint them with your own colors

Optional Packs - Std Pack - Current 10 Pack... Click Here
25 Pack... Click Here
Bottom Sweeper

White Banana Head Jig - Modified for Tog

Select Size

Chartreuse Banana Head Jig

Standard Pack

Hot Pink Banana Head Jig

Standard Pack

Yellow Banana Head Jig

Standard Pack

Orange Banana Head Jig

Standard Pack

Pearl Banana Head Jig

Standard Pack

Red Banana Head Jig

Standard Pack

Green Banana Head Jig

Standard Pack

Silver Chrome Banana Head Jig

Standard Pack
Bulk Jigs Available for charter Boats - Contact us at - Tidaltails@aol.com
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