trolling wire

Trolling Wire Pre-Marked - Stainless Steel or Soft Monel

Malin has been a leader in the fishing industry since 1884. That’s more than 110 years. We have earned the reputation for manufacturing the highest quality stainless steel leader material in the industry. Professional Captains and tournament winners worldwide have chosen our leader materials for decades, and have done so with confidence.

Malin Stainless Steel Trolling Wire

Malin Soft Stainless Steel Trolling Wire Our solid soft stainless steel trolling wire is the economical choice. Malin Soft Stainless is excellent for all types of trolling in both fresh and saltwater where depth control is needed. It is resistant to abrasions and corrosion.
Stainless Steel Wire - Pre-Marked every 50 feet.
Part #
40 lb.
50 lb.
Monel Trolling Wire - Pre-Marked every 50 feet.

Malin Soft Monel Trolling Wire

Malin Soft Monel Trolling Wire Our solid soft monel trolling wire possesses superior properties that make it the ultimate trolling wire for fresh or saltwater. These properties give it exceptionally good resistance against kinking, corrosion and abrasion. It sinks faster and stays deeper than soft stainless steel due to its high density. Our Soft Monel trolling wire is the number one choice among experienced wire line anglers.

Part #
PM40-300 (2)
40 lb.
PM50-300 (2)
50 lb.
Malin Hook Extractor - Call for Availability they go very fast.
hook outs

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