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AFW Hook Extractor - Very useful for removing hooks on Blues and Bass

HOOK REMOVERPappy Jim’s Heavy Duty Hook Remover

For those toothy critters. This is a must for the tackle box.
10" is a safe and effective way of removing hooks or lures without ever touching the fish. Protect your hands from hooks, teeth, and gills. It’s the perfect catch and release tool.

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TPHOOKR1 Pappy Jim’s Heavy Duty Hook Remover $12.50 Out of Stock

Baker® Hookouts

HOOK REMOVERBaker® Hookouts - Standard Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel.

Lets you reach deep inside fish to remove hooks or lures without danger of fish biting your finger in the process. Simply squeeze the powerful spring loaded trigger to grip and easily remove ingested hook or lure without great harm being done to the fish. Zinc plated for rust resistance even in salt water Length: 9.5 Inch.
Made in U.S.A

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H9Z 9.5 Inch - Standard/Zinc Plated. $8.99
H9S 9.5 Inch - Stainless Steel $15.99

Rapala Hook Outs, Scales and Lip Grips

Hook RemoverRapala Hook Removers.

Designed to quickly and efficiently remove deep set hooks from your catch. Rugged stainless steel construction and rust resistant components. Soft grip handles for secure, no-slip grip. The right size available to match your needs.

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Classic Hook Out ( 9 inch )
Classic Hook Out ( 15 inch )

Rapala Scales - 50# Tube Scale

FISH SCALE50 lb Tube Scale

Classic style scale upgraded. Anodized housing is lightweight and rust-resistant with stainless steel spring for years of accurate weighing. Stainless steel hook and handle that is coated for soft, secure grip. Marker slide remains at maximum weight, great when weighing a less than cooperative fish.

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RMWS Classic style scale upgraded

Rapala Scales - 50# Digital Scale with Memory

FISH SCALE50 lb Digital Scale with Memory

Compact and accurate, our 50-lb. capacity digital scales are packed with features anglers demand. With the unique memory feature, you can also track weight totals.

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RGSDS-50 50 lb Digital Scale with Memory

Rapala Lip Grips.

FISH SCALELock `n Grip - sure way to land your trophy.
Proprietary design provides exceptional landings of toothy game while protecting fish and fisher alike.

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Currently out of stock.
Brushed Stainless

Rapala Lip Grips with 25 lb Scale

FISH SCALELock `n Grip with 25 lb. Digital Scale
A 25-lb capacity digital scale makes catch and release a breeze. Prove your skeptical fishing buddies wrong with a larger weight display that even shows up in photos. A 9-volt battery powers scale for up to 500 hours.
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Currently out of stock..
Brushed Stainless

Lock n Weigh Rapala Lip Grips.

FISH SCALE60 LB Lock `n Weigh - IGFA Record Certifiable
Cam-lock jaws are designed to use the fish's weight to securely hold the fish without causing injury. Fish's weight is shown as you lift it clear from the water. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel, the Lock 'n Weigh® will provide years of service. Wrist lanyard and no-slip handle. Comes with rust preventative oil for routine maintenance.

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Currently out of stock.
Lock `n Weigh
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