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Fishing Video's

Blackfish - Northeast Angling Norwalk CT.

LOOP KNOTFishing with Northeast Angling - Rich, Andy and John


KON - Video from Kidcochiese on how to catch tog with jigs.


How To. with Capt Mark Gary aka Kidcochiese. Lots of info from John Knight and the Kid. Fun too

kidcochiese outdoors

How to tie a Loop Knot - Tidaltails Version.

Blackfish JigsBuzzard’s Bay Tautog Fishing | Oct. 17th 2015 [VIDEO]. MFCC contributors John D. Silva and captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters

How to tie a loop knot for the jigs

LOOP KNOTTying a fast and simple loop knot

Loop knot


BLACKFISH JIGSUnderstand that it is not the jig on its own that gets the tog to bite, but rather the jig is the vehicle to deliver to the tog what it most wants: the crab! While you are there subscribe. Well Worth it!

Tidaltails Jigs Blackfishing

Fishing with Capt Mark (KIDCHOCHISE) Blackfish.

LOOP KNOTFishing for Tog with the Kidchochise

Loop knot

Kayak Fishing for Blackfish

LOOP KNOTBlackfish tackle from a kayak is very simple. In this video we're using medium-heavy spinning gear spooled with 30-pound-test braided line, 50-pound-test leader, and 1-ounce Tidaltails jigs baited with live crabs

Loop knot

Throwing a cast net - The simple way!

LOOP KNOTCast Netting, The original throwing method

Capt Paul throwing a net on some bait in the Keys

LOOP KNOTCast Netting, Capt Paul getting some bait for the day

Fishing 4 Reel Charters - On the Tog with Tidaltails Jig'z

LOOP KNOTYeah Man! Thats what Im talking about. Capt Andre

Blackfish Video

Another way to throw a net - From Austraila

LOOP KNOTHere's one of our friends from Australia throwing a cast net

In The Key's - Capt Paul Fisicaro of Strip Strike Charters

LOOP KNOTRob Leo showing off some skills on Tarpon.

In The Key's - Capt Paul Fisicaro of Strip Strike Charters

LOOP KNOTMy Man Tony Renna & Friend Bob, first ever Tarpon with Capt Paul.

In The Key's - Capt Paul Fisicaro of Strip Strike Charters

LOOP KNOTNew York Native Billy Ambrose, with a Nice Tarpon.

In The Key's - Capt Paul Fisicaro of Strip Strike Charters

LOOP KNOTRoger Moore (Yea we said Roger Moore) Not your 007. From England with a nice jumper Tarpon. See the slow motion part.....awesome

Fishing Video's

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