All of Tidaltails Products are American Made and Manufactured in the USA

Our Line of Products for Striped Bass, Summer Flounder (Fluke), and Blackfish.

BLACKFISH JIGSCraggy The Original Blackfish Jig’z - Specifically designed to catch Black Fish.

This is the Jig you read about and have heard the Pro's talk about. It has over the years earned it’s keep and become a favorite lure for catching blackfish. Simple to use with a lot less work. It is a blast on light tackle in shallow water. Using the Tidaltails Blackfish Jig is as simple as this. Add your crab or favorite bait, drop it down, move it slowly. feel the bite, lift slowly then set the hook. It's not jigging, your using a jig to catch tog.Click Here »

BLACKFISH JIGSAlternative Solid Color Blackfish Jigs.

A lot of anglers targeting blackfish want to add thier own wrinkle with a different color. These are our solid color blackfish jig'z. It has over the years earned it’s keep and has also become a favorite lure for catching blackfish. It is a runner up to 'Craggy" and catches lots of tog. Add your crab or favorite bait, drop it down, move it slowly. feel the bite, lift slowly then set the hook. It's not jigging, your using a jig to catch tog.Click Here »

BucktailsSaltwater Bucktails - One of the greatest lures ever made.

Tapered head, Banana, Flathead, Ball head, and Hot Lipps style bucktails. Made with Heavy Duty Mustad or Gamakatsu Hooks. Tied in standard or custom colors. Hand poured heads with a baked powder coat finish, and hand painted eyes. We put our hearts into every bucktail we make. Strict quality control for a consistent product. Making them a bucktail you can depend on every time you reach for one! Click Here »

Parrakeet BucktailsThe Parrakeet’z® Bucktails - Fly Like Bucktail

There is nothing to add to the Parrakeet’z Bucktails. Use it as is right out of the package. The irresistible life like action gets them going again when most other lures and jigs fail. Trophy size Stripers have been taken on the Parrakeet'z. Angler's like John Skinner, Author of A Season on the Edge have used it successfully when all else fails.Click Here »

FLUKE JIGSFluke Rat'z™ - Our Trademark Lure - Less Hang Up and More Fluke.

The tapered nose, flat bottom and body contour make the Fluke Rat'z™ one of the best jigs for catching fluke. Lazer Sharp Nickel Hooks, with a post baked powder coat for maximum durability. Available from 1 to 4 ounce and a choice of colors. Perfect shallow to mid depth fluke jig.
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FLUKE LURESFluke Stinger’s™ - Flathead Single or Double Hook Fluke Bucktail.

The Fluke Stinger’s are a tandem (2 Hook) Flathead Bucktail with stronger Black Nickel 2X® hooks for Fluke fishing. Ideal for strip baits. Hardly anything gets away. Available with single hook and with a tube trailer. Made with reel Northern Deertail in basic and custom colors.Click Here »

BucktailsTapered Head Trolling Bucktail with HD 8/0 Hooks. Great in the Race.

This is a 1-1/4 oz bucktail with a heavy duty 8/0 hook. The Race Bullet is used inline with a bead chain crescent sinker (aka Banana Sinker) of various weights that are needed to get it down. This bucktail is great for deep trolling Striped Bass in the Race or other area’s of deep water and faster currents. It is also great as a surf casting bucktail with pork strips.Click Here »

Dressed Teaser Hooks with VMC Open Eye.

Made open eye VMC Siwash Hooks and high quality Saltwater Deer tail. Great Replacement Tail Hook for Plugs and Swimmers. Also available in a 4/0 Lazer Sharp Nickel hook for Fluke teasers. Custom colors are available upon request and can be combined with saddle hackle feathers.
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Hand Poured Jig Heads - Clean No Flash with Sharp Barbs

Banana Head - Shad Head - Ball Head - Bullet head and More
Available - Unfinished as Cast - Powder Coat Finished. Plus you can add Hand Painted Vinyl Eye's.Or you simply want to make your own!
( Molds Available )
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Striped Bass Attack

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