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Tidaltails Custom Saltwater Bucktails.

It is no great secret. Bucktails take a lot of fish in saltwater or fresh water. Used with your favorite trailer such as pork rinds, curl tail grubs, shad bodies or whatever you want. It is not only productive but a tremendous amount of fun at the same time. From fishing for Striped Bass, Weakfish,and Fluke. Truly a must for your tackle box.

Tidaltails Tapered Head Bucktails

Bucktails Tidaltails Tapered Head Bucktail - Our favorite

This is our biggest seller and has taken fish consistently for many years. It is our go to bucktail for most conditions. The unique action of the Tapered head Bucktail really gets the fish's interest.
Available in many sizes and colors, with two different hook styles and a durable powder coat finish.
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Open Mouth (Hot Lips) Bucktails

Open Mouth Bucktails Open Mouth Bucktails

An awesome all around bucktail which can be used for most angling conditions. Tied Full with the best Northern Deer tail we can get. Flared collars for a fuller bucktail. Stay's up in the water column. Available in many sizes and colors, with two different hook styles and a durable powder coat finish.

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Flat Head Bucktails

Bucktail Jigs Flathead Bucktails

This is a current cutting bucktail. This jig overcomes the up swell currents and gets down where the big ones play. River fishermen find the Flat Head Jig ideal for reaching fish below locks and dams. Saltwater fishermen find the thin flat shape allows lighter weights to reach deeper depths.

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Banana Head Bucktails

Bucktails Banana Head Bucktails

The Banana Head is designed for craggy bottom and weeds. Easily work rough weedy bottom. The forward hook placement allows the jig to bounce off of rocks and stumps, making it almost snag less for salt and freshwater angling and an awesome jig for summer flounder (Fluke)
Mustad® Hooks - Standard Colors
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Ball Head Bucktails

Bucktails Ball head Bucktail

The Ball head Bucktail has been a very popular bucktail for mostly all fishing conditions. It has taken more than it's fair share of fish in all waters. It also is a fast sinking bucktail as well as a long distance casting bucktail. Available in many sizes and colors, with two different hook styles and a durable powder coat finish..

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Parrakeet'z® Fly-like Bucktails.

Blackfish Jigs The Parrakeet’z® Bucktails - Fly Like Bucktail

Use with light tackle spinning gear or baitcaster.
There is nothing to add to the Parrakeet’z® Bucktails. Use it as is right out of the package. The irresistible life like action gets them going again when most other lures and jigs fail. If you fly fish and the wind is getting the better of you. Switch to the Parrakeet'z® It is like using a weighted Fly. Trophy size Stripers have been taken on the Parrakeet'z.
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Race Bullet Bucktails - 1 1/4 oz with an 8/0 Hooks.

BucktailsRace Bullet Bucktails - 1 1/4 oz with an 8/0 Hooks.

This Is a 1-1/4 ounce deep water trolling bucktail with a larger 8/0 Extra Strong Mustad®Hook. Tied nice and full for great undulating action.
We use it rigged with a crescent (Banana) sinker at 3 ft in front of the Race Bullet. The weight will depend on how fast or strong the currents are, just add enough weight to get it down to where the cows are. Also great used as a three wayClick Here »

Fluke Stinger'z ®(Summer Flounder) Bucktails

Fluke jigsFluke Stinger'z® With Gamakatsu 2x Hooks

Two or Single Hook Bucktail for Fluke .
Ideal for strip baits, such as bunker or whole squid. Hardly anything gets away from this lure. Dubbed the fluke jig for dummy's. The second hook is a Lazer Sharp Nickel Hook with a rubber coated eyelet to keep it in place which can be removed for use as a single hook lure. Powder coated, and extremely durable !

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